Why Us

We know what works in the Pittsburgh Region.  When we build, we build to last.

The terrain of Western Pennsylvania can be difficult to work with.  We have numerous freeze-thaw cycles, a wet and rainy spring and fall, and a sloping terrain, all of which can cause stress on outdoor building projects.  Kreinbrook Architectural Paving has over 30 years experience in this intricate region installing interlocking pavers and segmental retaining walls.  We know what works.

Proper soil support, drainage, and solid building practices

Most of us have seen retaining walls in our neighborhood that looked great when first installed, but began to fail within the first few years.   If constructed properly, a wall should not fail but should continue to function as the day it was installed.  At Kreinbrook Architectural Paving, we build our walls with proper soil support, drainage, and solid building practices.  Our walls are built to last.

Below: For retaining walls more than a few feet high, the hill needs to be excavated back in order to add reinforcement layers to stabilize the wall.

A good foundation is key to a successful paving project

At Kreinbrook Architectural Paving, paver systems are our specialty.  We build beautiful, creative, long-lasting paving projects that will withstand the test of time.  The most important component of a concrete paver system is the base.  Base compaction is key, just as in building a home.  If a house were built on a poor foundation, it would eventually shift, crack or fall.  The same is true with pavers; a patio installed on a weak base will also shift or crack over time.  We take great pride in our over-engineered base systems and professional compaction equipment to keep our pavers in place.

In the forefront of advances in the outdoor construction industry

We are always on the leading edge of any new trends within the outdoor construction industry.  Permeable pavers are a newer system gaining popularity in our region.  Due to excessive runoff from housing developments and new municipal building requirements, permeable pavers have become a first choice for many customers.  Kreinbrook Architectural Paving has been at the forefront of this emerging paving system.  We have the experience and expertise to meet your needs.

We also specialize in the newer large-scale Rosetta outcropping retaining wall systems.  We have the equipment and know how to install the most natural-looking retaining wall on the market today.

Below: Pavers require a base of 12″ to withstand the freeze-thaw cycles of Western PA