Versa-Lok Retaining Walls

Versa-Lok is a very popular wall system with homeowners.  It is reasonably priced, versatile in its uses, and sturdy with a proven engineered track record.


The most common types of retaining walls selected by homeowners are natural stone, pressure treated wood and concrete block.  Each type has it pros and cons, but ultimately we feel Versa-Lok is the best choice.

Natural Stone walls can be beautiful, but come at a much higher cost.  Many man hours are spent finding the right fit for each individual stone, material costs are higher, and additional materials are required. These masonry walls have the added step of pouring a concrete footer three feet below grade and also require each brick or stone to be mortared together.  Versa-Lok can also achieve a beautiful look, for a lower cost.  The Weathered Mosaic line of Versa-Lok mimics the look of natural stone without the price.

While the upfront cost of a Versa-Lok wall is more than a pressure treated wood retaining wall, the lifespan is much greater.  Pressure treated wood walls only last between 5 and 10 years and can also attract some unwelcome guests such as ants and termites.  When built according to established specifications, Versa-Lok can last for decades.

The Versa-Lok segmental retaining wall system allows you to make inside curves, outside curves, 90-degree corners, 45- degree corners. You can use them to make pillars, seat walls, steps, and much more. 

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